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  • Daily Market Update
    • The Dow ended the day up 69.15 points or approximately 0.40%.
    • The S&P 500 ended the day up 8.15 points or approximately 0.39%.
    • The NASDAQ ended the day up 14.68 points or approximately 0.29%.
    • Oil ended the day up $0.27 at $42.18 a barrel.
    • Gold ended the day down $2.90 at $1,113.20.
  • The United States Allows Restricted Oil Exports to Mexico

The United States will allow 100,000 barrels a day of light oil that is drilled in the United States to be exchanged for heavy crude from Mexico.  This is a major shift in United States policy as previously only Canada was allowed to export oil from the United States.  The shift is certainty because of the oil drilling boom in the United States and because of the low prices that oil is now demanding.  For more information click here

  • Keyless Cars Can Be Hacked

According to research that Volkswagen has been attempting to keep hidden through court fillings for the past two years the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) transponder chip has had a security flaw that allows hackers to access the cars.  The hack has been found to be responsible for 42% of all stolen vehicles in London.  This flaw was known since 2012 but before it could come to light Volkswagen sued to keep the research from the public.  For more information click here

  •  The United States Raises Flag Over Cuban Embassy

The United States reopened its Cuban Embassy after over 54 years of its closer during the cold war.  This symbolizes the reinstatement of diplomatic ties between the two countries as President Obama’s administration calls for the lifting of the embargo, something Republicans have blocked.  For more information click here